Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hunger Hero Update

Once again, NSFCU members come through......

We have donations so far this month totaling $7,810!  With the Credit Union's $5000 match we are approaching $13,000 to be delivered to the local food shelves.

Remember, for the month of March, this total is also matched by national Food Shelf organizations so our efforts this month will result in $26,000 in badly needed revenue.

Plus, we still have another week to go.  Let's see if we can up member donation to an even $10,000, which will push the net total with matching to $30,000!

My sincerest appreciation to everyone who has jumped on board with our program.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Be A Hunger Hero

North Shore Federal Credit Union has always been about helping.  Of course our priority is helping our members through top notch financial services and exceptional service.  However, we go way beyond that - we promote financial literacy in every way we can and at every opportunity that is available.  We also support hundreds of community organizations and events with time and / or money.

As part of this community support we have become primary sponsors of the Backpack Food Program, which provides needy kids in the Lake Superior and Cook County school systems food to take home each weekend.  We also provided seed money for Ruby's Pantry which has been a great success in Silver Bay and is now serving many in Cook County.  Getting involved is always a learning experience and here is what we learned from supporting these fine programs:

Hunger is a big problem in Lake and Cook counties.

I know you hear ads on the radio about hunger and maybe assume it is a problem somewhere else but it is a huge problem right here at home.  The reasons for this are complicated and many, and frankly we don't care about that.  What we care about is that this should absolutely not be and we can do something about it.

Whenever we have asked you, our members, to support a program benefiting people in our membership area you have always come through with flying colors.  So we are asking you to join us and become a Hunger Hero.  It's a simple challenge: we are going to sign up 1000 members who will automatically donate each month to our Hunger Hero initiative.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Food Shelves in Lake and Cook counties and the Backpack Food programs for the Lake Superior and Cook County school systems.  The amount doesn't matter: $1 a month is fine; $10 is great.  The bottom line is that no matter what level of support you choose, your donations will double the annual funding of these fine programs.

Your Credit Union will match all contributions each March, which is National Food Shelf month, every Member Appreciation Week and during our annual Holiday Helper campaign which will now be known as the Holiday Hero program.  To kick this program off, NSFCU will match all annual contribution commitments established in March up to $5000.  This is a great opportunity because Food Shelves receive national matching of donations during the month of March.

Making a difference is simple to do: next time you visit a branch, just ask to be a Hunger Hero.  Sign your name to a permission slip, designate a dollar amount and we will do the rest.  

For less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee per month, we can end hunger in our membership area.

How cool is that?